Would you like to roll the cameras in Calella? Here you will find information about how to register your project, a directory of companies to find the professionals you need for your shoot, as well as the necessary permits, prices and user regulations for Calella’s locations.

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Rules and regulations

All the production companies who wish to carry out their audiovisual production in Calella must comply with the current legal regulations as well as the regulatory particularities that are listed below:

1. Authorization

All production companies wishing to shoot in Calella must have prior authorisation from the Calella City Council. In order to process your request, you must start the application process by filling in the form in this section. Once received, Calella Film Office will carry out the assessment with the corresponding departments of the City Council and the interested party will be informed about the feasibility of the request made.

2. Filming on Calella's beaches

Those interested in making any audiovisual production on Calella's beaches, will have to apply for the occupancy authorization for the Maritime-terrestrial public domain, which in no case it should be less than one month due to the mandatory reports that the Department of Territory and Sustainability has to ask the municipalities where shooting. Once the fee is paid, the application is processed.

3. Payment of taxes

In order to be able to make the authorization valid, the authorization of the Calella City Council will mean that the taxes related to the requested locations will be paid in advance when requesting authorization from the City Council.

4. Insurance policy

Each production company must have a civil liability policy that covers the possible damages to third parties that can be derived from the production staff. The insurance must be in force during the time of filming in Calella.

5. Maintenance of the shooting locations

The production company will be responsible for any expenses arising from the filming: cleaning, hiring security, surveillance, etc.. If elements of the public roads are damaged, then the production company will also pay for any costs incurred in connection with the repair of the damaged elements.

6. During the filming

At the moment of filming in public spaces (streets, squares, parks...), all the equipment and cables must be properly protected and signaled for the safety of passers-by. Otherwise, notice must be given in advance so that appropriate security and safety measures can be taken.

7. Urban furniture

Any change required in the urban furniture must be notified to the Calella City Council, indicating which elements must be modified with an attached photo, location and dates of the filming for this location.

8. Effects on mobility during filming days

The application for authorisation at the Calella City Council must include a request for authorisation for all that may alter the normal functioning of traffic in the city, including at least the following: Days of influence and the timetable (daytime / nighttime).

9. Shooting with weapons and/or explosives

If weapons and/or explosives are used during filming, it must be done in accordance with the local regulations and used as blanks. The proper documentation must be filled out, with a copy sent to the Calella Film Office. In any case and always before shooting starts, the security forces (police, fire brigade and emergency services) must be notified as a precautionary measure.