Locations in the natural setting

Calella has unique and singular spaces for your productions. The charm of its natural surroundings and its location, between the sea and the mountains, make Calella a city with its own personality.

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  • La Muntanyeta Sports Zone

    La Muntanyeta Sports Zone is a municipal sports facility with different areas for sports training. More accurately, the facilities consist of the Athletics Municipal Fields and the Sports Municipal Field, which has natural grass and a total area of 102x60m. It is located in the north of the town, close to the Llobet-Guri Factory. There are 4 locker rooms for the sportsmen, 2 locker rooms for the referees, an infirmary, storehouses, meeting rooms, a gym, many stands, artificial lights and a parking, amongst other things.

  • Beach “Gran”

    Located close to Manuel Puigvert Promenade, one of the most important places of the town in terms of leisure and culture, the beach “Gran” (Big beach) is an ideal space for those who seek dynamism and do all kinds of activities. Its central location, along with its 1500m long and 72m high and the services that it offers make this beach one of the most beautiful of the Maresme.

    Those interested in making any audiovisual production on Calella’s beaches, please check the section on Permits.

  • Beach of Garbí

    Located at the hotel zone, the beach delimited by a beautiful promenade with the same name. It has been awarded with the “Q” for quality by the ICTE in 2004 and with the European Blue Flag Beach consecutively since 1994. The beach is synonym of clean waters and quality services for everyone and is ideal for children and families. There are 2 beach football playing fields, 9 beach volleyball fields and the water sports fans can enjoy the activities organised every year by the Water Sports Centre and the Maraventura Sports Park.

    Those interested in making any audiovisual production on Calella’s beaches, please check the section on Permits.

  • Beach of “Les Roques”

    Located in the south-east of the town centre and close to Calella Lighthouse and the Turrets, “Les Roques” beach (The Rocks beach) is a group of little coves with clean and transparent water surrounded by pines and cliffs. It is 750m long and 25m high. Besides its interesting landscape, the beach also has a restaurant, a climbing wall, showers and a nudist zone. It is a calm beach and is ideal for relaxing either alone, as a couple or in small groups.

    Those interested in making any audiovisual production on Calella’s beaches, please check the section on Permits.

  • Manuel Puigvert Promenade

    The promenade was built in 1927 and is named after the Mayor who started the project, Manuel Puigvert “Soques”. The inauguration was made at the same time as the municipal market, the new abattoir and the reform of the lighthouse. This popular construction separates the beach of Calella and the railway track. It is an emblematic and pleasant space where the townspeople go for a stroll or to work out.

  • Dalmau Park

    The Dalmau Park was inaugurated in 1928 and is located on the town centre. It was Jeroni Martorell’s work and has a total area of 18,4 hectares. It is a magnificent natural open space with gardens and Mediterranean forests mainly consisting of pines and holm oaks. The “Pati de l’Ós” is the central part of the parc and has playgrounds and in summer hosts outdoors concerts and the “Aplec de la Sardana”. It is the ideal place for those who want to calmly enjoy nature.

  • The Turrets (Les Torretes)

    The Turrets are a cultural good of local interest in Calella. They were built by the transmission service as optical telegraphs. It is composed of two turrets: the first one was built in 1848 and used for military means, whereas the other one was build in 1857 and had a civil use. Located in the south of the town centre and close to Calella Lighthouse, the Turrets can be seen from the beach and the hill where they are located provides a vantage point and a natural environment worth visiting.

  • Lighthouse of Calella

    The landmark of Calella par excellence. It was inaugurated in 1859 and it is located at the entrance to the town in a promontory at 50m above sea-level. Inside the lighthouse, there is the “Centre d’Interpretació del Far de Calella” (Calella Lighthouse Interpretation Centre) whose main objective is to explain the lighthouse communications from different perspectives (maritime, land and urban communications). At the outside, there is an excellent vantage point from which you can enjoy the most stunning views of the town and its surroundings.