Museum of Tourism

The Museum of Tourism is a modern cultural facility whose objective is to show the history of tourism and its socio-cultural and economic effects on a global level in an attractive, didactic and participative way. It is a space for fostering the culture of tourism and a one-of-a kind museum-wise project in the world. By walking through the different spaces of the museum, the visitor will be part of an emotional approach to what the journey represents and will be able to feel first-hand the personal enrichment provided by the act of travelling.

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  • Timetable

    Winter: Tuesday to Saturday 17 to 20h. Sunday and holidays 11 to 18h. Summer: Tuesday to Saturday 17 to 21h. Sunday and holidays 11 to 18h.
  • Access by vehicle

  • Car park

    Yes. Car park El Mercat
  • Observations

    Halls: Lobby, Tourism room, multipurpose room (temporary exhibition area and documentation and research center) and the Calella room.