Municipal sports hall “Parc Dalmau”

The Parc Dalmau municipal sports hall is a covered sports centre. It has a central playing field for indoor football, handball, basketball and volleyball. It also has 2 cross playing fields for basketball, handball and volleyball. The pavement of the playing field is made of PVC and has a total area of 1.232m2. The sports hall has stands for 450 spectators, 4 locker rooms for the sportsmen, 2 locker rooms for the referees and monitors, several storehouses and meeting rooms, an infirmary and bar service.

For information on set rates, please check the Taxes section.


  • Size area

    Total area of 1.232 m2 (44x28 meters).
  • Timetable

    From Monday to Friday, 08.00 to 15.00 h and 17.00 to 24.00 h. Weekends and holidays, according to the activity plan.
  • Access by vehicle

  • Car park

    Yes. Car park La Minerva, Car park El Mercat 2
  • Observations

    Tax: 65€ per hour or fraction of an hour.