Calella offers you the space and resources in order for your creations to prosper and play with its spaces for it to be a film city. Welcome to the Calella Film Office.

Contact us:

T | 937 66 30 30 (Ferran Muñoz)


Calella Film Office is a free public service created to facilitate filming and audiovisual productions to be carried out in the city. We offer assistance in the search for locations, management of permits and support in production logistics, with the aim of speeding up the activity of the production companies as much as possible and collaborating so that each project can be developed successfully.

What services do we offer?

Assistance in location search

The Calella locations catalog shows a wide variety of spaces and installations that can serve as a backdrop for all types of projects. We also offer support in finding the ideal locations for your filming activities or photo shoots.


Information and advice on permit management

We facilitate and speed up the processing of filming permits and provide information on the regulations and steps to follow in order to carry out the production under the best conditions.


Coordination of the different municipal services

We coordinate the different municipal services needed to carry out the filming and offer support for logistics and communication to those responsible for the production.

Contact with local suppliers and professionals

We provide information on the local resources offered for audiovisual production, accommodation, catering, rental of vehicles, etc.