Calella offers you the space and resources in order for your creations to prosper and play with its spaces for it to be a film city. Welcome to the Calella Film Office.

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T | 937 66 30 30 (Ferran Muñoz)

Calella Film Office

Calella Film Office is dedicated to art and the audiovisual industry. Our mission is to help cinema, television and advertising professionals to realize their projects, advising them in the search of locations and offering them all the necessary information to film anywhere in the city.

The CFO is made available to creative individuals and companies within the sector who have the intention to promote the city as a film city and for audiovisual productions. The great diversity of settings, the beauty of its unique landscapes by the sea, the climate, services and the available resources make Calella a magnificent natural space for the  creative arts.

Calella City Council has been a part of the Catalunya Film Commission since 2010, a network of offices focusing on the Catalan territory created to facilitate the shooting of its spaces. From the CFO we offer the support and attention services to producers, localizers and audiovisual professionals, for Calella to be the ideal setting for filming.