What is the Calella Film Office?

Calella Film Office offers free advice and coordinates the needs of any audiovisual production to be carried out in Calella with the different departments of the Calella City Council. It also provides support in the processing of filming permits, organizes preparation coordination meetings with the aim of providing all the necessary information to plan, streamline and produce in the best possible conditions in order to turn Calella into a film city.

Where is Calella Film Office?

Calella Film Office is situated at the Old City Council: Plaça de l’Ajuntament, 1-4, 08370 Calella (Barcelona) T | +34 937 66 30 30 (Ferran Muñoz) | hola@calellafilmoffice.cat

What services does the Calella Film Office offer?

From the Calella Film Office we offer assistance in the search for locations, information and advice on the management of permits and support in the logistics of production, with the aim of streamlining the activity of production companies and work together for each project to be successfully executed. You can consult this information in full detail, in Services.


Which are the procedures to follow in order to shoot in Calella?

All those production companies who wish to shoot in Calella must have prior authorisation from the Calella City Council. In order to be able to process your request as soon as the application process has begun, please fill out the form that you will find in this section. The Calella Film Office will evaluate the application with the relevant municipal departments and will inform the interested party about the feasibility of the application.


How much does the service of Calella Film Office cost?

The services of Calella Film Office are free of charge.

How many days in advance do I have to submit the filming request?

It is necessary that you submit your request for a filming authorisation with a minimum of 10 days so that the Calella Film Office can manage the permits and authorisations corresponding to the different departments of the Calella City Council.

How much does it cost to shoot in Calella?

As a general rule of thumb in public spaces (streets, places, parks, etc.) the cost of filming depends on the space to be occupied and the total amount per day is the result of the application of the tax payable under Tax Ordinance 3-7, which stipulates 1.20€ per m2 and per day with a minimum rate of 15.03€. If you wish to shoot in any of the locations listed in the directory of the web calellafilmoffice.cat you can check the section 'Permits and fees' where you will find the prices for each of them. The production company will be responsible for any expenses arising from the filming: cleaning, security, surveillance, etc.


Which insurance do I need to be able to film in Calella?

Each production company must have a civil liability policy that covers the possible damages to third parties that may be derived from the production staff. The insurance must be in force during the filming period.

How to contact professionals and audiovisual companies for my project?

Calella has a well-developed business fabric that can become a good ally for any production that is to be filmed in the city. However, you can access an extensive directory of professionals located throughout Catalonia through the directory of companies and professionals.


Can Calella Film Office book travel and accomodation of the production team?

Calella Film Office cannot book travel and accomodation. However, our city has a wide range of travel agencies that can offer you these types of services (among others).