Clàudia Riera i Juli Fàbregas

Clàudia Riera

The young actress Clàudia Riera, known for “L’ofrena”, “Les de l’hoquei” or “Vis a Vis: El Oasis”, shows charisma and talent on and off the screen. Along with our ambassador, the Calella actor Juli Fàbregas, finds inspiration for possible shootings in different locations like the Riera Capaspre or the Escola Pia in #calellafilmcity.

Joaquim Vivas i Santiago Alvarado a Calella #ciutatplató

Joaquim Vivas and Santiago Alvarado

Juli Fàbregas, the actor ambassador of Calella Film Office, receives a visit from Joaquim Vivas (producer) and Santiago Alvarado (director) of Magno Entertainment SL., interested in learning about the possibilities offered by Calella as a film city. Together they discover the uniqueness of locations such as the Old Cemetery, right next to the sea, the anti-aircraft shelter and the natural space of Parc Dalmau.

Itziar Castro i Juli Fàbregas

Itziar Castro

The popular actress Itziar Castro, nominated for the Goya Awards as best new actress for "Pilas", shares experiences of filming with the actor from Calella Juli Fàbregas ("The day of the Lord" recently released on Netflix), spending a splendid beach day surrounded by fishing boats, beach bars and towels on the beach “Grande” in Calella #filmcity.

Marta Bazaco i Juli Fàbregas

Marta Bazaco
Art Director

Marta Bazaco ("The photographer from Mauthausen", "The daughter of a thief", "During the storm", among many others) visits different locations in #calellafilmcity led by Juli Fàbregas, actor from Calella and ambassador of Calella Film Offcie. Here’s a tour full of surprises to discover the great scenographic possibilities of the city, such as charming historic houses like Can Quadras or the large rooms at the old industrial factory Llobet-Guri.

Ivan Massagué a Calella ciutat plató

Ivan Massagué

Ivan Massagué ("El Hoyo", among the 3 Spanish films for the Oscars) and Juli Fàbregas ("Menéndez: El día del Señor", world premiere on Netflix 10.30.2020) complicity and talent, tell us about the moment they are living, enjoying an amazing autumn evening in Calella.

Jordi Frades

The film and television director Jordi Frades (1961), known for series such as 'Isabel', 'Matadero' or 'La Catedral del Mar', discovers with actor born in Calella Juli Fàbregas (1972) the wide range of great locations available in #calellafilmcity, through a sightseeing around the streets of the historic city center.

Juli Fàbregas

Juli Fàbregas, actor from Calella (1972) and ambassador of the Calella Film Office project, kicks off the Calella Town Hall initiative by sharing a morning at the lighthouse with the actor Octavi Pujades (1974), from where some of the city's main assets stand out, such as its host character, its beaches, the natural environment and the historical and gastronomic heritage that make our city an authentic film city.

Xavi Giménez
Director of Photography

"Filming 100 metros in Calella has been like a dream, it was easy and all smiles! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I hope you like the movie and above all that Calella and its people are shown as beautiful as they are! A big hug! Kisses!"

Meri Lane
Luup Records

“We felt at home. Starting with the Calella City Council, we were always provided with the necessary tools to be able to shoot the video clip of Marion in Calella. We enjoyed, without a doubt, a city that breathes a fresh, dynamic air, that perfectly matched the approach we had in our storyboard.”