Misura Crackers

Crackers Fibrextra, the new ad for cookies from the Italian brand Misura

April 2021

Misura, the leading Italian brand in wellness innovation, chose Calella's emblematic Roca Grossa cove to film the spot for its new product 'Crakers Fibrextra'. The natural area of Playa de las Rocas is the ideal setting to present the new integral biscuits from Misura. The Roca Grossa takes center stage once again, appearing in the final frame of the advertisement.

Campanya You Deserve Spain

Turespaña Campaign: You Deserve Spain

April 2021

The Roca Grossa once again becomes a magnificent open-air set to host the Turespaña summer campaign. This city beach is the setting for Turespaña's promotional videos to attract tourists, included in the campaign called "You Deserve Spain". A promotional action with projection internationally and in cities such as London, where it will be screened through a giant screen at Piccadilly Circus.

Clàudia Riera i Juli Fàbregas

Claudia Riera and Juli Fàbregas in #calellafilmcity

October 2020

The young actress Clàudia Riera, known for “L’ofrena”, “Les de l’hoquei” or “Vis a Vis: El Oasis”, shows charisma and talent on and off the screen. Along with our ambassador, the Calella actor Juli Fàbregas, finds inspiration for possible shootings in different locations like the Riera Capaspre or the Escola Pia in #calellafilmcity.

Joaquim Vivas i Santiago Alvarado a Calella #ciutatplató

Joaquim Vivas and Santiago Alvarado visit #calellafilmcity

September 2020

Juli Fàbregas, the actor ambassador of Calella Film Office, receives a visit from Joaquim Vivas (producer) and Santiago Alvarado (director) of Magno Entertainment SL., interested in learning about the possibilities offered by Calella as a film city. Together they discover the uniqueness of locations such as the Old Cemetery, right next to the sea, the anti-aircraft shelter and the natural space of Parc Dalmau.

Itziar Castro i Juli Fàbregas

Itziar Castro and Juli Fàbregas, a beach day in Calella #filmcity

October 2020

The popular actress Itziar Castro, nominated for the Goya Awards as best new actress for "Pilas", shares experiences of filming with the actor from Calella Juli Fàbregas ("The day of the Lord" recently released on Netflix), spending a splendid beach day surrounded by fishing boats, beach bars and towels on the beach “Grande” in Calella #filmcity.

Marta Bazaco i Juli Fàbregas

Marta Bazaco discovers #calellafilmcity with Juli Fàbregas

October 2020

Art Director, Marta Bazaco ("The photographer from Mauthausen", "The daughter of a thief", "During the storm", among many others) visits different locations in #calellafilmcity led by Juli Fàbregas, actor from Calella and ambassador of Calella Film Offcie. Here’s a tour full of surprises to discover the great scenographic possibilities of the city, such as charming historic houses like Can Quadras or the large rooms at the old industrial factory Llobet-Guri.

Anunci Anna de Codorniu - Roca Grossa

Codorniu: Live to celebrate

October 2020

An emblematic place for a luxury ad! La Roca Grossa in Calella is one of the locations chosen for the new advertisement for Anna de Codorniu, starring the actress Amaia Salamanca, the brand's new ambassador. "Live to celebrate" is the claim summarizes the campaign concept, which is a compliment to life's celebration and its emotions, a toast to the joy of living condensed into an elegant and sophisticated visual piece.


Ivan Massagué and Juli Fàbregas between sea and mountain in Calella #filmcity

October 2020

Ivan Massagué ("El Hoyo", among the 3 Spanish films for the Oscars) and Juli Fàbregas ("Menéndez: El día del Señor", world premiere on Netflix 10.30.2020) complicity and talent, tell us about the moment they are living, enjoying an amazing autumn evening in Calella.

Shooting Stradivarius al Pavelló esportiu

Stradivarius Shooting

September 2020

The Parc Dalmau sports pavilion was the ideal setting for the photo shoot session of Stradivarius brand, for its autumn-winter 2020 collection. With a fresh and creative spirit, the Inditex Group's young fashion brand found in this location the perfect atmosphere to convey its essence of casual look and inspired by streetstyle.

It’s NOT your fault

March 2020

The lighthouse and the beach of Calella are the scenes of the video of the new campaign “It's not your fault”, presented by the Mossos d'Esquadra in March 2020 as part of the day on crimes against sexual freedom. The six-minute video, directed by the Mossos communication area, presents the testimonies of three young victims of sex crimes.

Campanya Catalunya Advisors

Catalunya Advisors Campaign

October 2018

Calella appears in the new ad of the campaign tourist promotion of the Catalan Tourism Agency (ACT), launched in the spring of 2019 and starring football player Gerard Piqué. The video begins with a scene from the Roca Grossa beach, shot in mid-October 2018 at dawn to capture the scene with the magical light of autumn.

The Bi Life

August-September 2018

For a few weeks Calella was the setting for some of the scenes of "The Bi Life", the new dating show of British TV E! Online dedicated to the LGTBI community. The first UK series to focus exclusively on bisexual dating brought its participants to our city, visiting locations such as the beach, the sea promenade, the beach bars, the shopping center and some restaurants and bars. Throughout the experience, the cast supported and encouraged each other as they date and meet new people.

Jordi Frades in #calellafilmcity

July 2018

The film and television director Jordi Frades, known for series such as 'Isabel', 'Matadero' or 'La Catedral del Mar', discovers with actor born in Calella Juli Fàbregas the wide range of great locations available in #calellafilmcity, through a sightseeing around the streets and buildings of the historic city center.

Tabú by Jon Sistiaga with Lluís Homar

June 2018

With the Calella Lighthouse on stage, Jon Sistiaga interviews actor Lluís Homar to discuss his relationship with envy, one of the capital sins that the journalist addresses in his documentary genre program from a modern and very personal perspective. This chapter of the 3rd season was aired in November 2018, on channel #0 of Movistar+.

Videoclip Ballem el món d'El Senyor Peix

Dance the world, El Senyor Peix

May 2018

This music band of El Maresme, created in 2017, releases song and videoclip recorded at the Llobet-Guri Factory in Calella. With "Ballem el món" (Dance the world), El Senyor Peix invites us to enjoy the party with a fresh, lively and very danceable rhythm. This is the song that gives name to the first album of this band of 8 musicians from Malgrat de Mar, Palafolls and Calella.

Juli Fàbregas with Octavi Pujades

April 2018

Juli Fàbregas, actor from Calella and ambassador of the Calella Film Office project, kicks off the Calella Town Hall initiative by sharing a morning at the lighthouse with the actor Octavi Pujades, from where some of the city's main assets stand out, such as its host character, its beaches, the natural environment and the historical and gastronomic heritage that make our city an authentic film city.

Mr. Ponytail, Marion Harper

July 2017

Produced by the label from Blanes Luup Records that started in 2014, Marion Harper, who´s just over 20, is currently one of the most promising and recognized voices in the current indie scene, she was in Calella to record the favourite hits from her followers "Mr Ponytail" from her second album "Cotton Candy".

KM0 Country

July 2017

The KM0 Country Program (The Network) is entertainment for summer evenings, performed every day from a different town, following the calendar of festivites, showing the social and cultural landscape of Catalonia, from a local perspective, such as the stories and the experiences of villagers. On July 31, 2017, the program lead by Rosó Feliu and Laura Alcalde was held at the Paseo de Manuel Puigvert de Calella promenade, to enjoy a magnificent summer afternoon under the shadow of the centenarian banana trees of this well-known promenade.

Friends forever

April 2017

TV3 found in Calella, the last beach bar of the Barceloneta. The chosen setting was the “Baños La Gavina”. An ideal location to portray the changes that the city of Barcelona experienced during the Olympic Games. The film directed by Román Parrado shows the story of a family that owns the last bar of the Barceloneta beach. For a few days, the “Baños La Gavina” changed their sign and baptized it with the name: “El Boquerón”.

Nassari Ad Campaign

April 2016

The brand of anchovies Nassari found in our city the ideal setting to promote their products. From the Lighthouse of Calella and with the Mediterranean background, this spot TV was shot to recreate the unique moment of the aperitif. A very special ritual in a set with exceptional views. The shooting took place during April 2016, the commercial was part of a Nassari advertising campaign broadcast on TV3.

100 meters

March 2016

Directed by Marcel Barrena and starring Dani Rovira, an actor from Malaga, the film tells the true story of Ramón Arroyo, an athlete affected by multiple sclerosis who completed his first long-distance triathlon in Calella in 2013. An example of personal excellence, produced by Filmax, recreating the city's celebration of the sporting event. The filming in Calella took place during the month of March 2016 and provides an opportunity to show the potential of Calella as a film city.