Calella film city

Calella is modern, cosmopolitan and at the same time full of history and traditions. It is a dynamic city that offers multiple possibilities for those who seek inspiration and creativity. It is situated at a short 50 km from Barcelona, with an exceptional and typical Mediterranean climate and privileged environment. Calella is the ideal destination for the production of cinema, advertising and television.

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For more than a decade, Festimatge has established itself as Calella´s festival of the image par excellence. The event is organized by Foto-Film Calella, a non-profit cultural entity founded in 1966 and a member of the Catalan Federation of Photography, fully dedicated to the promotion, dissemination and popularization of the image through all the ways possible such as photography, cinema and video.

Festimatge is a unique event. The Image Festival of Calella is the only festival around the world that brings together film and photography in a single festival, lasting almost a month, with activities related to the audiovisual industry. The inauguration takes place at the beginning of April in the city hall, with a spectacle of projection of lights on the facade of the building and for more than twenty days the old Llobet-Guri Factory, along with other spaces in the city, hosts photography exhibitions of different international artists, as well as the award-winning works of the Turrets Trophy of Photography. At the same time, the contest of the Torretes de Curtmetratges Trophy is held, with screening days for all participating short films.

An annual event that illuminates the city with a varied cultural offering around the image, with exhibitions, video and photography workshops, lectures, conferences and 9.5 mm film screenings for celluloid lovers and the image as such in all its aspects.

Calella Film Festival