Calella film city

Calella is modern, cosmopolitan and at the same time full of history and traditions. It is a dynamic city that offers multiple possibilities for those who seek inspiration and creativity. It is situated at a short 50 km from Barcelona, with an exceptional and typical Mediterranean climate and privileged environment. Calella is the ideal destination for the production of cinema, advertising and television.

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Calella Film Festival

The Calella Film Festival started out in 2015, with its first edition in 2016. With the name of Calella Film Festival, it sets out to create the city’s own event, dedicated to the magic of the seventh art with the aim of promoting cinema and a special emphasis on training new generations in film culture.

The festival is organized by the Associació Rosebud Cinema lovers and is an initiative that has been supported for the first time by the Touristic association of Calella and the City Council of Calella. During the week, the city is full of films with screenings, series and competitions with official sections, as well as activities and workshops about the audiovisual world.

With the festival’s strong point being the award of the Low Budget Films prize, where feature films are selected as the best productions of the year in the international, low-budget and emerging directors scene. The aim of this competitive section of the festival is to give a say to those young professionals and award them for making it possible for us to enjoy marvellous stories, where talent and creativity end up breaking down the barriers of economic constraints.

The official Creative Rosebud Awards section is open to all those productions that have stood out throughout the year for their creativity and originality. In the 48h Limit Contest, a fast short film competition is held during the last two days of the festival, with the aim of capturing a story or idea in a maximum of 48 hours.

During the week that the festival takes place, the city becomes a stage for emerging talent and creative activity. In addition to the official competitions, it combines the screening of films in the Mozart theatre and the open air theatre, with workshops and activities that talk about cinematographic creation.

The Calella Film Festival is without a doubt a celebration of the enthusiasm and illusion that inspires the audiovisual world, a desire with a long trajectory in our city, that year after year enables diverse events to take place at the heart of photography and cinema, such as the Festimatge, the Cicle Gaudí and the CineClub sessions.

Calella Film Festival